Why You Need A Hydrating Serum

By now, we would all know the importance of hydration in your skincare routine, and if you haven’t got one. You need one. Hydration skincare are available in different forms, from essence, moisturiser, serum, face mask and all the different types, but today, I’ll be focusing specifically on hydrating serums.

With all the serums in the saturated market, it gets confusing on which serum works and where to even begin. I’ve previously talked about my favourite serums, and today it’s more towards the importance of having a hydrating serum.

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Back to basics

Hydration, is the foundation of everything. It’s an essential regardless what skincare type you are. From male and female, aging and sunburnt, dry, oily, sensitive, combination and confused skin type

Hydrating serum can help smooth, brighten, plump, and soothe the appearance and feel of your skin. Plus, the light, velvety, fluid textures that serums offer not only feel good to the touch, but are able to sink right in, so your skin immediately feels more refreshed and radiant

Who should really be using Hydrating Serums?

  • Young skin: always good to start young and avoid any issues in the future.
  • Mid 20’s – 30s skin: to combat the appearance of fine dehydration lines and prevent the signs of aging.
  • Mature skin: to enhance radiance and plump up the appearance of skin
  • Skin exposed to sunlight: to reduce the appearance of damage caused by sun exposure
  • Skin exposed to environmental damage: to fight the elements
  • Oily Skin: to avoid heavy moisturising and not look greasy but yet having the sufficient hydration needed.
  • Dry Skin: to have additional hydration into the deep layer of your skin
  • Sensitive Skin: to calm your skin and reduce inflammation while protecting skin barrier.
  • Combination Skin: to maintain the pH balance of your skin.

Basically, everyone.

hydrating serum

Hydration is an important element and here is why.

1. It’s Hydrating

The clue is in the name! Hydrating serums increases your skin’s hydration and avoid dehydration of your skin. One of the key ingredient in hydrating serum is “Hyaluronic acid” which holds up to 1000x it’s weight in water.

2. It Protects Your Skin

Hydrating serums not only protect the skin against damaging factors, like UV rays, air-conditioned rooms, stress and pollution, but they also treat skin which has already been exposed. Serums often contain antioxidants, which help combat free radicals and keep your skin healthy. Antioxidants are extremely beneficial as they prevent skin cell damage, help to slow down premature aging and improve the skin’s elasticity.

3. It Calms Your Skin

Serums also contains agents that soothe the skin and help reduce irritation. They strengthen skin cells, so your skin has a stronger protective barrier, and prevent inflammations especially when you have sensitive or prone to eczema and rosacea. Even acne-prone skin which are oily would benefit from a hydrating serum as it is lightweight and does not cause skin to be greasy.

4. It Absorbs Quickly Into Your Skin

Because serums contain a very high concentration of active ingredients, they are extremely fast-acting—a major asset if you are looking for quick results. Their molecules are also smaller than those in a regular moisturizer, allowing them to be absorbed very quickly and penetrate the skin deeply without clogging up your pores. This is beneficial for your skin, as blocked pores can cause spots and acne. They are often water-based, so they penetrate the skin easily and quickly and do not leave as much residue as a heavy oil-based moisturizer would.

5. It Plumps & Smooths Your Skin

The moisture-boosting serum is the (not so best kept) secret to a plumper, smoother finish. That’s because when skin is hydrated, the outer layers are revitalised, giving it that pillowy, plumped up look which makes fine lines less visible. So, if one of your skin goals is to keep signs of ageing at bay, drenching your face in this serum is a good place to start.  

hydrating serum

Overall, hydrating serums are extremely beneficial for your skin. With this fast-acting, highly concentrated treatment, you can protect, treat and soothe your skin, and improve its appearance whilst hydrating it at the same time. It actively targets problem areas and slots perfectly into your skincare routine. Say hello to well-hydrated, radiant and glowing skin with hydrating serums!

By adding back moisture into our skin, hyaluronic acid boosts firmness and prevents the formation of future fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid delivers short-term perks, too, including a glowing, dewy complexion.

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