Sumusu Beauty

Anyone who’s been to Japan would know how amazing their beauty stores are! Not to mention they aren’t expensive at all! But it’s hard to travel all the way to Japan just to stock up or try some of the top-selling beauty products. But now, Sumusu Beauty is bringing the top selling J-beauty products here in Australia to you!

With that, their price ain’t that expensive and it’s pretty on-par with getting them in Japan!
The DHC Lip Balm is about $18 in other stores and Lululun Face Mask is about $15 in other stores. Hence, Sumusu Beauty is not expensive and I’m so excited with what they would bring in to stores in the future!

They have just release the Rose Quarts Beauty Rollers!

The perfect accessory to add to your beauty collection. Not only does it look pretty but it does wonders for your face. The double roller helps enhance blood circulation, improves product absorption, and reduces puffiness. It also helps relief your stress & tension making your skin feel softer and smoother.
Due to the natural formation of the Rose Quartz stone, each piece is unique and may vary in colour.

You can shop now at Sumusu Beauty at here and also sign up to receive new release of their products!

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