Curly Girl Hair – 6 weeks journey

#curlygirlhair Journey Update. ________ It's been 6 weeks since I've put my straightener aside, kept my hair curlers, my straightening brush, whipped out my diffuser and completely changed my hair routine. Like, COMPLETELY. From products to styling skills. Day 1, the waves were appearing. Week 2, I was still experimenting with products and skills What … Continue reading Curly Girl Hair – 6 weeks journey


Finally, you CAN have it all! Give your lips the attention and care they deserve with Powerlips Fluid. This ultra-long-lasting lip colour contains a special blend of good-for-you, skin-nourishing ingredients to help soothe, smooth, and prevent dry-out over time. And infused with our Sueded Comfort Cushion, Powerlips Fluid’s high-performance, weightless formula cushions your lips, leaving … Continue reading Powerlips