You guys should know by now that I love Bobbi Brown skincare and makeup. From their foundations to their cleansers and makeup removers. People always do ask me, “Is it really worth it?” 

So today, I’ll be reviewing the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisture Cream and let’s see if it’s worth every cent to everything it claims to be. 

Just to make it clear for new readers; I have dry combination skin with sensitive skin (Rosecea). The annoying oily T-zone and dry cheeks. Weird right? That’s why moisturisers are tricky where it can’t be too heavy or too light. I don’t really mind layering my skincare at night, but during the day is what I need to look out for. 

I have always thought that the Bobbi Brown Extra range is for dry, dehydrated skin or aging. So when I was given a try on this moisturiser and a few other of the range. I was surprised how it turned out! 

First things first – the scent. I love the scent. It reminds me of lemongrass and citrus. Can’t really get a hang of what the scent is as there is quite a few ingredient in there (which we will get into it later). If you’ve smelt and used the Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse, it is similar to that, but less tangy. 

I love how it comes it their sleek simple packaging. Although the tub is a downside. But it’s made of glass and it’s sturdy. With the inventions of spatula, I no longer need to dig my nails into the tub. LOL 

Let’s see what does it claim to do?

*          *          *          *          *

What it is:
 Extra Repair Moisturizing Cream contains all the benefits of Bobbi’s cult-favorite Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm but with a lightweight, luxurious cream texture that’s perfect for layering and prepping skin for seamless foundation application.
Who it’s for: It’s ideal for normal to extra-dry skin types and perfect for those in humid climates or anyone who prefers a lighter feel for their cream.

Why it’s different: This skin-nourishing formula utilizes unique Triple Emulsion Technology to give the cream its lightweight texture while still allowing it to be incredibly moisturizing. It’s made with omega-rich sunflower oil—an ingredient packed with essential fatty acids—to provide moisturization without a heavy feel. Glycerin and sodium hyaluronate plump and smooth the appearance of fine, dry lines, while shea butter provides a protective barrier against moisture loss. Skin looks fresher, smoother and firmer for a healthier-looking appearance over time.

How to use: Massage onto clean skin morning and night.

Bobbi’s tip: Perfect makeup starts with smooth, healthy, glowing skin. In addition to helping skin look fresher and more vibrant instantly, Bobbi’s skincare products work like a pre-makeup primer. The skin’s condition changes on a daily basis due to factors like stress, diet and sleep. It’s important to continuously look at the skin to see what it needs. You can also create options in your skincare routine by layering moisturizer.

Formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates 
– Phthalates

Active ingredients: 

-Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate: Plump and smooth the appearance of fine, dry lines. 
-Shea Butter: Provides a protective barrier against moisture loss. 
-Omega-Rich Sunflower Oil: An ingredient packed with essential fatty acids that provides moisture without a heavy feel. 
-Triple Emulsion Technology: Gives the cream its lightweight texture while still allowing it to be incredibly moisturising.

Other ingredients: 

What’s my verdict?

The Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisture Cream is made for those with normal to dry skin and humid climates. That means, it’s suitable for Summer/Malaysia/Singapore countries where the heat and humidity is terrible. My skin loves it as it balance out the combination skin, locks in the moisture for the dry areas without obvious dry patches showing out, my foundation lays on properly and sets nicely and the oily T-Zone does not shine like diamonds. It shows that there is anti-aging properties but I wouldn’t say much about that, because in the end, how do you judge if anti-aging properly does work? 

The moisturiser isn’t the heavy creamy thick kind of texture but rather a gel kind of cream, it glides on my skin without any tugging and spreads evenly. It absorbs really quickly with no greasy or layer of shine over it. I was surprised even when I layer my skincare at night. I had a semi-matte baby skin look, which was what made me love it! 

The Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisture Cream cost RM335 for 50ml. 

Is it worth it? Yes, even though it’s on the pricer end. But it is considered to be a higher end luxury skincare. 

Would I recommend it? Yes. 

Does it claim what it does, I would honestly have to finish the whole tub or at least 3-6 months of constant use in order to review if my skin got immune to it, and if they were any after-effects. But so far, loving it. This made me wanna try the rest of the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Range. Have you guys tried any yet? 

Till then, Remember! You’re never ugly, only if you’re lazy! 🙂


Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick 

I am not your crazy fanatic that would purchase 100 colors and swatch them for you. As much as I would like to assist you but I do not have the financial privileged to do so.
I picked up two colors from the comfort matte range.

Thryst – slightly pinkish red

714 – darker red

One thing I’ve learned, DO NOT TRUST the color on the packaging box. Because sometimes they have been exposed to light and the color on the packaging fades. For example, 714 looks slightly orange but it isn’t.


As you can see 714 had an orange undertone but has a brighter red finishing to it.
UD also has the metallic finish liquid lipsticks, but I didn’t purchase any of it because it isn’t something I could wear on a daily basis.

As compared to the other liquid lipsticks, UD has not failed in terms of pigmentation and it comes with the standard applicator which is pretty easy and handy to apply it on. It takes quite a while to dry up to a matte finish (about 5 mins) so there’s no worries about the lipstick drying on the tube or applicator on a daily wear but of course nobody leaves it open for a long time. There wouldn’t be any guarantee on that. 

Anyone tried it yet?


Autumn leaves at Mount Wilson – Blue Mountains 

The end of Autumn is almost here.

The road trip up to Blue Mountains last weekend was spontaneous and breathe-taking

It felt like a painting or a wallpaper.

When the Autumn leaves of red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, green and brown waiting to fall off is a sight you’ll never forget.

We only went to the Bebeah garden at Mount Wilson Village which was a 12 acre garden with an entry fee of $8

As most gardens here are private, so the owner has the right to charge you for an entry fee. Some are even $16 for adult..
Blue mountains is huge and i will be awaiting for more trips there.


GPO Cheese & Wine Room #GwenFood

If you’re into Cheese and Wine, then you’d be in for what’s coming up next.

Valentines Day happens to be Anniversary Day for us so we get to have TWO dinners. (We all have to eat don’t we?)

So for the first place which we went on Valentine’s Day itself, H brought me to GPO Cheese & Wine Room which is at the basement/underground of Martin Place.

Four weeks being here and the one place I love to sit during the afternoons or late evening is Martin Place. Being surrounded by it’s heritage building, with such nice view to get yourself lost into.

Being located right in the middle of Sydney CBD, it’s not difficult to find, but the fact that it’s in the basement/underground, maybe some lost little souls would find it difficult to spot it. It doesn’t exactly have a huge signboard at the front entrance as well.

H made a booking at 8.15pm due to it’s limited seats. So if you’re planning to try it out, it would be advisable to make a booking rather than walking in. Because we were the second seatings, we had to wait a little while for them to clear and set the tables for us.

Unfortunately, it was Valentine’s Day, and as all/most restaurants, they have special (restricted) menus for the day.

 Entree looks appealing, I was stuck in a dilemma between Grilled Scallop (Yummy), or the Antipasto Board to Share.

I always have problems deciding on my Mains. Whether to get the steak, or grilled salmon or try something new. And that Cheese Fondue was appealing too!

Desserts oh desserts, don’t we always have space for them as well?

So after much silence discussion and whispering with H on what to order or to share.

We’ve decided on….


Antipasto Board to Share

Kurobuto Cantipalo Salami, Mortadella, Brillant-Savarin Triple Cream (France), Reypenaer Gouda (The Netherlands) and semi-dried Tomatoes

Now we figured that this is a Cheese and Wine restaurant and the name says it all. Why would we be ordering something that they aren’t famous for? That’s like walking into a burger joint ordering fried rice.


Truffle Cheese Fondue

This fondue combines the rich, earthy flavours of Brie Coulommiers aux Truffles with a silky, French Secret de Scey


Milk or Dark Chocolate Fondue Dessert Board for Two

Served with Banana, Marshmallows, Pear, Amaretti, Biscotti, Walnuts and Fresh Strawberries

We almost went for the Cheese Board for Two but after having Cheese for Entree and a Cheese Fondue for Main, we decided to indulge in a chocolate fondue to have a little balance with our meal before it gets too cheesy.

I really enjoyed the dinner and would rate it an 8/10.


Please bear in mind that this is a personal preference and it’s my own personal review on this. I am not paid to advertise or talk about this and I do not speak for the public.

Before I give my opinion I would like to mention that I love Cheese. I love my cheese and all cheese like how Jerry the mouse loves his cheese. My love for cheese is also one of the reason why H picked this restaurant. If cheese isn’t your thing, then i’d suggest you try the other dishes on the menu. As i’ve always said and mentioned, everyone is different and it’s just a personal preference. Just like how I don’t enjoy sourdough, eggplant, beer, and the list goes on.

I’d have to give a thumbs up to the Mains which was the Truffle Cheese fondue. That’s because

I ♡ Truffle and I ♡ Cheese. How is that not a perfect combination? Truffle has a very strong distinct taste to it just like cheese and I know many people who don’t enjoy Truffles or cheese as well. But if you’re into both, this would be something you have to try and you’ll enjoy it too.

Prior to this, I’ve always heard of Chocolate Fondue, but who knew about Cheese Fondue? I didn’t even understand how it works or how it would taste like until I’ve tried it and boy was it amazing!!

So if you’re up to try Cheese Fondue or have not tried cheese fondue, or you just want to enjoy some nice cold cuts cheese platters, I’d say give it a try.

GPO Cheese and Wine 


Lunch: Mon – Fri  12pm – 3pm
Dinner:  Mon – Sat  6pm – 10pm


Mon – Fri  12pm – 3pm
Mon – Sat  6pm – 10pm


+61 2 9229 7701


+61 2 9229 7729



Knafeh for the first time #gwenfood 

Now how do you pronounce “knafeh”?
P/S. It’s not a trick question.

Last weekend was the final week of April and we decided to use our Groupon-purchased wet’n’wild Sydney tickets before they close the place for winter season. After all, we’ve paid for it.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a gopro or a waterproof camera with us, therefore no pics of all the fun we have in Wet’n’wild
When everything ended at 5pm, H decided to go to Knafeh which was just 10 mins drive away from where we were. Figured since we were an hour away from home, why not.

According to H, it’s not that easy to spot Knafeh or be around then unless you’re on the hunt or you’re willing to drive far out to some random quiet suburbs. But if you’re really keen and interested, you can follow their instagram page where they update where they are located at.

They’ve got two instagram pages


No idea why they have two different pages 🙄

They don’t have a specific store/location/branch, they’ve got a container-looking storage-box like thing that they use a truck to pull them around.

It’s amazing how a group of guys came up with this idea.
These bearded singing, dancing guys aren’t just pumping up your energy but also cooking you a simple but yet de-licious dessert – knafeh, or known as kunafeh as well.

These look like the “apong-balik”/ 大块面 you get from the Malaysia pasar-malam in peanut flavour (I really thought his would have peanut when I first saw it)

But Knafeh/kunafeh is actually a Jerusalem dessert that is like a cheese pastry. The main ingredient in this is:

  • Sugar
  • Cheese
  • Pistachio
  • Rose water
  • Kaymark

Words can’t even describe how amazing this dish was. It doesn’t taste like the usual cheese tart or cheese cake you get where it’ll be so cheesy you get sick of it after a while.
You seriously need to try to to be able to evaluate it yourself.

*I highly recommend this*

And oh-boy, if I could have it everyday it would be so sinful.

If you happen to be around where they are, you HAVE to try them out.

They first started in Sydney, then to Melbourne, and then all the way across ocean to New York

Let’s see if you would be lucky enough and for those who have tried it, was it a hit or miss for you?


Bioderma – The Rumors Are True

From sensitive skin to dry skin to oily/Acne skin, Bioderma covers you all.

As we all know, our skin are complicated, there are sensitive and oily or sensitive and dry, or acne with oily skin or acne with dry skin. But regardless which, Bioderma is here to save your day!! #ikidyounot #notjoking
I would say I’ve tried more than half of what Bioderma owns. Okay maybe not more than half but majority of the best selling AND secret holy grail ones. #yesiamsharingthesecret

As far as I remember, Bioderma was one of the first brands that sold the micellar water and it was highly raved then.
Today, there are many micellar water available in the market, dupes and competitors. From Eucerin to Garnier, L’Oréal to Lamer and so many more that it’s everywhere.

Some dupes are definitely cheaper, some may clean as efficient, some may sting your eye and so on so forth.
I have sensitive skin and everyone knows that, and here is where the dupes make a difference.

  • Garnier may clean better but it stings my eyes and my irritates my skin.
  • L’Oréal stings really bad, not just the eyes but my cheeks as well.
  • La Roche-Posay did not clean as well and I found myself having the need to  use more than usual to remove my every-day face.
  • Avene left my skin feeling there’s a lipid layer.
  • Sephora stings my eyes and has a floral + alcohol scent to it. Avoiding the eyes were fine but it definitely left my skin dry.
  • Simple has a botanical herb scent and left my skin dry.
  • Nivea needed a few extra swipe to clean as well, although it didn’t leave my skin drying, I felt like I needed to spend more time cleaning my face.
  • Eucerin may not sting but it has a scent to it.


Please remember that these are my personal opinions. 

Bioderma has three different range on their skincare range and each comes with the Micellar Water. I’ve tried all three and none of them make difference

Hydrabio – Dry Skin
Sensibio – Sensitive Skin
Sebium – For oily skin

With Bioderma, my skin is never dry and it even removes all the waterproof makeup that I have. So if you haven’t tried it. Give it a go!




Harsh weather, sunny days, air-conditioner and rainy days, we’ve all been through it. Many of us don’t take into consideration how our skin reacts to the weather and we would just go about our days.

When I’ve gotten the chance to try out some of the Estee Lauder products I’ve been wanting to get my hands on I was thrilled!


I managed to grab hold of the Estee Lauder Advance Night Micro Cleansing Balm & Cleansing Foam.

When Estee Lauder came out with their Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, I was really happy and managed to try it out in the 75ml and I could say this was a very promising product. Then when le-sis started on the Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Synchornized Recovery Complex and let me try some, I had to get my very own too! (Currently on the second bottle. #holygrail)

So when they came out with the Advance Night Micro Cleansing Balm and Cleansing Foam, I figured, what a great combination to add into my skincare routine! And now, I have them in my hands all thanks to #sephoraSG and #EsteeLauder

I’ve also gotten the Estee Lauder Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Energy Mist. Now Nutritious is another range which is my love and my favourite. So much to talk and rave about them, but i’ll only be talking about the Mist today.


First I’ll start with the Estee Lauder Advance Night Micro Cleansing Balm.


Kudos to packaging!

I know I’ve always hated tubs/jars as I would need to stick my finger in and my germ-phobia would start kicking in and thoughts running wild in my mind on how i’ve just contaminated my product and now bacteria and germs are going to grow in it. BUT, I also understand jars can be quite handy and pretty AND, not to mention, quite sturdy. A solution to this? A spatula..

Cleansing balms are not new and they have been around for quite some time, in fact, I’ve tried a few hence I’m excited to see how this fairs.

Cleansers have been a huge part of my regime and I hope everyone takes this seriously. LOL

                  “Removes makeup and impurities, including pollution, as it purifies deep within skin’s surface to improve your overall healty look.”


The Micro Cleansing Balm has a very sturdy packaging and it looks pretty classy on my vanity table.

According to Estee Lauder, these cleanser are formulated without stripping your natural oils and protective barriers. Micro-purying and Micro-revitalizing they say.

What I love about this is that the light weight balm melts into a silky cleansing oil as your massage over your skin. Then added with water, it turns into a milky emulsion that rinses off easily.

Even with the thickest, heaviest, waterproof makeup. This has proven it.

You don’t get a tight feeling out of it and as someone who suffers from Rosacea and sensitive skin, I can say that this thing definitely calms my skin down and eases the redness.

*                 *                 *                 *

Next would be the Advance Night Micro Cleansing Foam,



Most people wouldn’t judge or evaluate much on Cleanser, they will just grab whatever they can see or feel like. Some may even buy according to what they feel is cleaner. I’ve got a few friends who buys deep cleansing cleansers just so they can feel their face is tight and the tighter they feel, they cleaner they think it is. – Please remember that means you are stripping your natural oils off and it’s too dry.


This Micro Cleansing Foam is creamy and although it doesn’t lather up into soap and bubbles like many other cleanser do, it has a minimal foam and cleanses well. Removing any toxin, impurities and makeup residue. This also helps to prepare for your next skincare step regime – Advance Night Repair, which would absorb into your skin better.


Tube cleansers are the easiest and it’s a creamy white cleanser, rinses easy and leaving your skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed.

I’ve only been using this during the night time and I love how Camomile and Lavender is in this cleanser which makes skincare much pleasant and aromatic blend just takes it to another level.

The scent for both Advance Night Micro Cleansing Balm and Micro Cleansing Foam has been very mild and pleasant. It’s not strong and it sort of has a milky baby powdery scent to it.

Finally, a mist I’ve been enjoying and carrying around.


I’ve been using the Radiant Creme for the past 6 months and it’s my favourite night cream so far. So the mist was something that I was looking forward wondering what this would do.

This is a lightweight mist that can refresh or hydrate your skin. Similar to the entire Nutritious Vitality8 range, the mist is infused with Poemgranate8 Complex to give that extra hydration and radiant.


It comes with a standard mist head that sprays evenly on the face. I’ve been carrying this in my bag and if i need a boost of hydration I’d give it a go. It’s a fairy small size at 30ml which is handy and can fit into any bag/clutch easily.

This is perfect and can be used under or over makeup. #triedandtested

There’s many more to come and for now I can say Estee Lauder has not disappointed me and has once again impressed me.

If there’s any other products you would like me to review or try out, let me know!

You can now also shop your favourite Estee Lauder products here and collect your Sephora points as well! 

Till then, Remember! You’re never ugly, only if you’re lazy! 🙂

*This post is sponsored by #sephoraSG