2 Chefs At Canton


A delicant we don’t get to have often. So we decided to have it for NYE dinner after our neighbour recommended and told us about a promo they are currently running.

H has been begging to have lobsters with the recent news of lobsters being cheap and Coles/woolies advertising for $20 per kg. We weren’t able to find any. So, when we heard about this place. We had to try it out!

We made a reservation just in case as it was NYE. It was pretty empty but that’s because most of the people were ordering online. Business was looking good for them! When we arrived, there were like 8 delivery man waiting outside.

steam scallop

We started off with some Scallops and boy oh boy were they amazing! I could have 4 of them!

Next up, definitely the Sweet and Sour Pork. I would say it’s my go-to dish at every place. And 2 Chefs at Canton does it really well!

sweet and sour pork
Sweet and sour pork

Next, we had the garlic butter prawns. Unfortunately the taste wasn’t to my liking, but the prawns were really fresh. I was expected a fried garlic butter prawns rather than a gravy sauce.

Butter garlic prawns
Garlic and Butter Prawns

Finally, the main dish of the day. The lobster with vermicelli noodles. The lobster was about 2kg and the portion was really huge. For the price we paid, it was definitely reasonable.

Lobster noodles
Lobster with Noodles
Instagram Page : 2 chefs at canton

Located in Rhodes

2 Chefs at Canton
Shop 1/1 Gauthorpe St, Rhodes NSW 2138
(02) 8084 9612


Have you had any good lobsters? Share your favourite place!

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