Curly Girl Hair – 6 weeks journey

#curlygirlhair Journey Update.


It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve put my straightener aside, kept my hair curlers, my straightening brush, whipped out my diffuser and completely changed my hair routine.


From products to styling skills.

Day 1, the waves were appearing.

Week 2, I was still experimenting with products and skills

What I’ve learnt in the past 6 weeks,

  • Everyone is different, what works on others may not work on you. But doesn’t mean it’s not worth the try.
  • Never buy the a full size product unless you’ve tested and tried it. (Or if it comes with return/refund)
  • Today, hair/curls may be perfect and 3 days later after wash-day, hair would be different even though techniques and products are the same.
  • It takes forever and patience to dry my hair.
  • I look back at straight hair and think why did i think straight was nice?
  • Never give up.

There are also days where hair feels like matted wild dog/lion.

And then they are days were volume is on your side.

I love the air drying finish but takes almost 8 hours (or maybe it’s 4 and feels like 8).

In the meantime, the journey continues and more updates to come

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