Knafeh for the first time #gwenfood 

Now how do you pronounce “knafeh”?
P/S. It’s not a trick question.

Last weekend was the final week of April and we decided to use our Groupon-purchased wet’n’wild Sydney tickets before they close the place for winter season. After all, we’ve paid for it.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a gopro or a waterproof camera with us, therefore no pics of all the fun we have in Wet’n’wild
When everything ended at 5pm, H decided to go to Knafeh which was just 10 mins drive away from where we were. Figured since we were an hour away from home, why not.

According to H, it’s not that easy to spot Knafeh or be around then unless you’re on the hunt or you’re willing to drive far out to some random quiet suburbs. But if you’re really keen and interested, you can follow their instagram page where they update where they are located at.

They’ve got two instagram pages


No idea why they have two different pages 🙄

They don’t have a specific store/location/branch, they’ve got a container-looking storage-box like thing that they use a truck to pull them around.

It’s amazing how a group of guys came up with this idea.
These bearded singing, dancing guys aren’t just pumping up your energy but also cooking you a simple but yet de-licious dessert – knafeh, or known as kunafeh as well.

These look like the “apong-balik”/ 大块面 you get from the Malaysia pasar-malam in peanut flavour (I really thought his would have peanut when I first saw it)

But Knafeh/kunafeh is actually a Jerusalem dessert that is like a cheese pastry. The main ingredient in this is:

  • Sugar
  • Cheese
  • Pistachio
  • Rose water
  • Kaymark

Words can’t even describe how amazing this dish was. It doesn’t taste like the usual cheese tart or cheese cake you get where it’ll be so cheesy you get sick of it after a while.
You seriously need to try to to be able to evaluate it yourself.

*I highly recommend this*

And oh-boy, if I could have it everyday it would be so sinful.

If you happen to be around where they are, you HAVE to try them out.

They first started in Sydney, then to Melbourne, and then all the way across ocean to New York

Let’s see if you would be lucky enough and for those who have tried it, was it a hit or miss for you?

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