Chanel Le Rouge Crayon De Couveur #GwenBeauty

Chanel has launched a whole new product recently in Australia and its the Le Rouge Crayon De Couveur. 

It comes in 11 new shades and it is a twist up lipstick in a chubby stick form. Good thing about this? No need sharpening and making a mess or losing thay damn sharpener and not knowing where you have placed it. Or worst? If you’ve gotta pay extra for it.


What do they say??

I’ve always loved Chanels lipstick, they’re plots are pigmented and lovely shades. The downside to it is that they aren’t as long-lasting as other brands, so that means you might end up with patchy, smeared or bare lips. The good side about it is, it doesn’t stain and there isn’t any permanent pigments that would go deep down into your lips.

Description of the product

LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR by CHANEL simplifies makeup rules. Its easy-to-carry, jumbo on-the-go format allows you to have fun and apply colour in a single stroke at any time. Its retractable tip twists easily to reveal bright, satiny and ultra-intense colours. A long-lasting, comfortable formula that lasts for over 4 hrs* after the first application. May the art of colour become a playing field.

How to use

  • Twist to reveal the retractable tip and apply colour in a single stroke.
  • Use the tip of the pencil to trace the lip contour, then colour in the lips with the flat part.
  • For more ways to play, use LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR on the cheeks as blush. 

Most Crayon lippies or chubby sticks that we know usually has a matte finish, it glides on easily and stays on forever. But as for Chanels Crayon lippies, they last for about 4 hours and it’s touch up time.

As a lippie junkie I would definitely get my hands on all colors cause they’re amazing!!

Have you tried them? Which would be your favourite color?

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